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Kent Marine Flush Valve Kit

RO Flush Kit by Kent. Easily remove damaging buildup and extend the life of your RO unit

Price: $24 to $24 at 1 stores
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Extend membrane life featured

Installation and Operation It was super easy to install this. Its basically just a flow restrictor bypass. It allows the water to rush past the membrane and there for cleans the scale that can build up on the membrane over time. To operate you just open the valve for a short time then close it again, thats it. Just make sure you don't forget to close it, and make sure its closed all the way when you are done or you will prematurely exhaust your DI if you have one. Plus it will run excess water through your pre-filters also.

Performance vs. Expectations Yes, it works very well. All the fittings and the valve are of good quality, plus they give you more than enough hose in case you make an error when plumbing it in.

Value for money I think its a good value. Considering it will extend your membrane life and keep it running optimally. Which will intern keep your DI from exhausting to quickly. So when you factor everything in its definitely worth it.

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Liked about it I was happy with the price, and how easy it was to install. It is very easy to use also.

Didn't like I wish it would come as a part of the unit. And I wish it had some way to mount it to the frame of the unit, I don't really like it just hanging there, so I wire tied it to the frame. But that really isn't ideal.

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By luther1200
Sep 26, 2009
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Price: $24 to $24
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