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Coralife Pure-Flo II - 50 gallon-per-day RO system

Pure-Flo II RO Units 50 gpd 3-stage by Coralife. Produce pure water from chlorinated or non-chlorinatedsource water

Price: $127 to $138 at 2 stores
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Great cost effective unit

Installation and Operation The installation was really easy. There really isn't much to it. The only problem that I had was the cheap plastic piece they give you to connect it to your sink. It wouldn't stay on the sink and even when it did it leaked. Just run to your local hardware store and get a metal sink adapter and you're in business.

Performance vs. Expectations This RO unit absolutely does the job (and the water tastes great too). I have well water so it really has to work hard too. I plan to get the DI Canister soon since I am going to start puting sps corals in my tank and want the water to be as pure as possible.

Value for money The value is definitely there. It's much cheaper than a lot of others and it sure beats going to the lfs, which is half an hour from me, to fill up jugs of water, not to mention the convenience factor.

Customer Support Havn't had an issue yet but will let you know if I do

Liked about it Easy to install
Great water

Didn't like Cheap plastic adapter for sink

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By Augy
Jan 31, 2010
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Price: $127 to $138
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at 2 stores

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