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Pure Water Club 75GPD RO/DI Unit

Pure Water Club's 6 Stage 75 GPD RO/DI Unit

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Pure Water Club RO/Di Unit

Installation and Operation Installation of the unit is quite easy.Attach a small pc of wood to the wall and then just hang the unit on with 2 screws.At the time of my purchase PWC had some problems with leaks on start up . My unit had no issues at that time. Instructions are very easy. Operation is easy . Just turn on and fill up. Maintenance is minimal . Every 6 months or so you change out the filters based on the TDS output

Performance vs. Expectations The performance of the unit has been GREAT. I thought the unit would be a bit on the cheaper side but was pleasingly surprised. Very nice RO/DI unit

Value for money The cost of the unit was very reasonable. You can easily spend double for a unit like this.

Customer Support Customer support is all done through e-mail and the website . No real phone support. Customer support is fast and orders are delivered by UPS very fast . I needed new filters .Went on-line and had them in 3 days

Liked about it The unit did exactly what it was supposed to do . I have 240 TDS out of the faucet , 7 TDS out of the RO and 0 TDS out of the DI. Very nice unit and well worth the money

Didn't like I would like to see a phone number at some point to call but with the low cost how can you expect everything
I'd also like to see a better bracket that you can just hang on the wall and not need the piece of wood first. I'd also like to see a vertical bracket for the DI chambers .They come horizontal and work better vertical.

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By biowheel
Nov 08, 2009
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