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CPR Aquatics AquaFuge Small Light 18 Watt


Price: $50 to $50 at 1 stores
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Nice little light featured

Comments I got this to put over my 10 gallon refugium. It was hard to find a small light that was decent and had a decent bulb. I was a little skeptical at first as to how bright it would be, but I was very happy with the intensity and brightness. I didn't get the optional legs, I just rest it directly on the refugium. It has a easily removable splash shield (no tools needed) which is easy to clean, and an absolute must for me. I will never get an open fixture again after my last one, it was such a pain to clean the bulb and reflectors all the time, versus just cleaning the acrylic shield which is so much easier.

Liked about it It has an easily removable splash shield. It also has a decent cord, some fixtures have thing gauge wire and they are short, but this fixture has a decent cord. And its easy to change the bulb, no tools required, you just have to remove the splash shield and change the bulb.

Didn't like This is kind of dumb, but my only complaint is that the electrical cord is on the same side as the switch. I want the side with the switch easy to get to, but the cord is on that side. I think the cord should exit thge fixture on the opposite side. But that's not really a big deal. I have the switch easy to get to and just secured the cord.

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By luther1200
Jan 04, 2010
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Price: $50 to $50
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