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Zebra Moray Eel

The Zebra Moray is named for its striking black and white stripes. It is a relatively docile eel, which may become accustomed to being hand fed. It may feed on live foods like shrimp and fish or on larger frozen meaty...

Scientific Name Gymnomuraena zebra

Common Names Zebra Moray Eel

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you might find it the floor featured

Comments i really enjoyed having this eel on my tank back in the day, its really fun to feed and eats pretty much anything you throw at it, it is also very hardy compared to some other eels and has a really good temperament when it comes to sharing its tank with several other fish. like many eels, fish and octopuses they will get tired of their tanks and will attempt to escape, at first it failed to do so but one day when i came back from work it had somehow managed to move through a small opening between the canopy and the skimmer and found it already dried up in the floor.
If you are looking for an eel i would definitely recommend starting with something a bit less expensive and then moving on to this one, it is a relatively peaceful animal and really beautiful to look at.

Liked about it -hardy
-color; the zebra coloration added a lot of life to my tank and it really stand out from everything else

Didn't like -you better have a good lid or canopy to prevent it from killing itself
-IT IS a moray eel, needless to say this might not be the fish for you if you like remodeling your tank often
-although peaceful when not fed correctly it will turn on its tank mates

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By gabranth17
Sep 07, 2010
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