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Wolf Eel

The Green Wolf Eel is actually part of the Dottyback family and is not a true eel. They are generally a light green coloration with white dots that run from the head region to the end of the tail. These white dots will...

Scientific Name Congrogadus subducens

Common Names Carpet Eel Blenny, Eared Eel Blenny, Green Wolf Eel, Wolf Eal

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awsome eel!

General I had one of these and it was a great eel to have. It was personable and great to look at. It had its grouchy days and its happy days and was never aggressive towards me.

Liked about it I loved its coloration and look. Also how personable it was.

Didn't like Eel's are jumpers. :(

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By winnker
Jun 11, 2009
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