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V-Tail Grouper

The V-tail grouper is reddish-orange with slightly darker coloration towards the rear, and diagonal stripes resembling a white "V" in the caudal fin. Color may vary slightly depending on the grouper's mood. Like...

Scientific Name Cephalopholis urodelus

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Comments V-Tail groupers can be considered as a very aggressive fish as it will eat anything it can fit into its mouth. V-Tail groupers do grow relatively fast and should be kept in rather larger aquariums - I would suggest keeping them in 150 gallons or more depending out the size of the fish. These fish tend to be very anti-social, as they hide within live rock. For the most part, I fed my V-Tail live food and it would eat just about anything.

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Didn't like They tend to be anti-social

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By scubasteve3610
Oct 19, 2009
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