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Sargassum Fish

Sargassum Frogfish are usually striped brown and yellow and have skin flaps on their bodies to blend with the Sargassum macroalgae they are found floating with. This enables them to find protection from predators and...

Scientific Name Histrio histrio

Common Names Sargassum Fish, Sargassum Anglerfish, Sargassum Frogfish

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really nice fish!!

Comments really nice fish, really cool looking, nice addition to most tanks!!!. i used to have this fish on my soft coral tank and i did just great, for some reason it always stayed in a place where everyone could see him which was enjoyable due to his appearance. if you are looking for an exotic fish to add life to your rock, this is the fish for you...

Liked about it -appearance
-relatively easy to care for

Didn't like -coould be hard to feed

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By gabranth17
Mar 08, 2010
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Price: $4 to $4
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