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Marine Betta Grouper

Marine Bettas have black bodies and elongated fins covered with white or light blue spots. They also have a large false eye spot on the rear of the dorsal fin. Marine Bettas are predatory and should not be kept with...

Price: $40 to $55 at 2 stores
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Interesting and Hardy Fish but I'm Not Sure I'd Want Another

Comments The marine betta or comet (Calloplesiops altivelis) is a really easy fish to care for. My fish, aka Spot, has been very tolerant of conditions on my reef and chows down on just about everything I throw in the tank. Spot especially likes brine shrimp, but will also dine on other frozen foods and even flake food. Marine bettas feed by slowly stalking their prey, therefore, I would not keep a betta with other agressive eaters that would keep it from feeding. Spot lives in my 55-gallon tank with a hepatus tang, a tomato clown, a royal gramma, and a goby/shrimp companion duo and has not bothered any of them. Spot does not slurp on the corals (like his tankmate tang) and is well behaved with the invertebrates in the tank. He has not messed with the small alpheus shrimp that lives with the goby, however, the shrimp does keep a low profile in his burrow under the rocks.
I've had Spot for about 7 - 8 years and he hasn't grown much. Right now, he's about 4-inches long (standard length). Spot is not very active, preferring to lurk and skulk among the rocks on my reef. I would not try keeping a marine betta with a Lysmata or Stenopus shrimp.

Liked about it The marine betta is an incredibly beautiful fish that is interesting to watch. Bettas are hardy and tolerant of a wide range of tank conditions. My Spot will eat about anything, but I've read that some bettas require live food. I would recommend that if you are considering purchase of a marine betta, you ask to see it eat whatever you like to feed your fish.

Didn't like Spot is not very friendly. Blue Fishy, the tang, is just as friendly as my Border Collie, and charges out to greet any human that might dump food in the tank. Spot just hangs back and lets his tank mates check out whatever is going down. Spot's mouth operates exactly like the front of a landing barge - an indication of his predilection for hunting and eating rather large food items. In my opinion, the biggest downer associated with keeping a marine betta is that the betta would certainly eat any ornamental shrimp or small fish in the tank.

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By CebakaLaika
May 14, 2010
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Price: $40 to $55
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