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Half Black Angelfish

Angelfish are overwhelmingly popular in the aquarium hobby, and its easy to see why. With their assorted color patterns and beautiful flowing fins, these fish truly live up to their name. The front half of the Half...

Scientific Name Centropyge vrolikii

Common Names Pearlscale angelfish. Halpf Black angelfish

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great fish, NOT reef safe

Comments May be one of the worst dwarf angels in terms of picking on corals/clams, I had one for a few months but ultimately got rid of it as it only grew more inclined to pester my inverts. While beautiful, I think they are better suited for fish only tanks.

Liked about it beautiful coloration, relatively easy to acclimate to captivity, and very active. I was very impressed with the fish I had, with the exception of below.

Didn't like not reef safe. As soon as I added a clam to the tank, the fish went after it. Instantly. I noticed that it had gone through and picked at other corals from time to time, but the clam was the last straw. After future research, I realized that theyre much more likely to pester inverts compared to some of the other dwarf angels.

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By crvz
May 05, 2009
Last updated: May 17, 2010
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