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Golden Basslet

The Golden Basslet is the most reef safe and peaceful fish in the industry. It is more likely harassed than the one causing the harassment. This fish prefers overhangs and caves. Will often be seen hanging around upside down against walls, overhangs and caves. Prefers less light and may come out more after the bright day lights turn off. This fish is happiest in a...

Scientific Name Assessor flavissimus

Common Names Yellow Assessor Basslet, Golden Mini Grouper, Gold Assessor Basslet, Yellow devilfish

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best fish for any tank!!

Comments I was hesitant about buying a pair of these guys because I've heard they can be very shy especially with tangs as tank mates. I bought mine for about 40 dollars each at my LFS and introduced them into my tank. For the first 2 weeks I would only see the pair after the lights went out. Sadly one of the assessors somehow died? but after 3 weeks the 1 remaining assessor would be seen swimming in a corner of a tank. After about a month and a half it was swimming throughout the tank. One cool thing about this fish is that they are cave dwellers and they swim in all directions, left,right,up,down. It actually competes with my tang for food. This is the perfect fish for any tank especially nanos. The assesor is extremly colorful too!!

Liked about it 1.color
2. personality
3. not afraid of anybody

Didn't like 1. shyness

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By turtlesoup23
Mar 17, 2011
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