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Eibli Angelfish

Eibli angel centropyge eibli small fob-5 next day shipping

Scientific Name Centropyge eibli

Common Names Blacktail Angelfish, Orangeline Angelfish, Orange Stripe Angel, Eibli Angelfish

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Will hide...

General I really like this fish, the blue on the eyes and tail of this fish are what i think make it stand out. They are relitively inexpensive and are a nice addition to a tank. They can nip at Zoa (mine did) so use caution if this is going to be added to a reef tank. I also found that the one i had would offten hide in the rock when anyone would pass by the tank so they can be on the shy side from what I have seen as opposed to other dwarf angels.

Liked about it Great fish adds colors well still being subtle.

Didn't like Can hide often should not be placed in my opinion with agressive tankmates.

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By quick_murdoc
May 20, 2009
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