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Dogfish Orientalis - Grunts Sweetlips - Yellow-banded Sweet lips

The Oriental Sweetlips have a black body with yellow-edged cream colored spots as juveniles. As they mature, Oriental Sweetlips trade their spots for stripes and the yellow coloration is in the fins and on the face....

Scientific Name Plectorhinchus orientalis, Plectorhinchus lineatus

Common Names Lined Sweetlips, Oriental Sweetlips, Dogfish Orientalis,Yellowbanded sweetlips

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it adds color to any tank

Comments the dogfish really adds a lot of variety and color to the tank, the fish is relatively peaceful. one of the things that have to be concidered when buying this fish is that it might not be the easiest fish to care for, it can get kinda of picky with its food, and can be vulnerable to changes in its eviroment and water parameters.

Liked about it -peaceful

Didn't like -not really hardy
-vulnerable to aggressive fish

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By gabranth17
Mar 17, 2010
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