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Colored Angler

Colored anglers (Antennarius sp.) are skilled predators that use a clever…

Scientific Name Antennarius sp

Common Names Colored Angler, Colored Frogfish

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Conversation fish...

Comments I bought one of these fish for my 125 gallon tank. It has great appeal and is one of the wildest fish I have owned. Not a big swimmer, seems to stay perched in holes and rocks and waits for food to swim past. Will eat fish close to its own size. Not aggressive at all unless you look like food.

Liked about it A great looking fish like no other. You can just sit and watch it for long periods of time. Never seems to bother other fish its size or larger. Will stay on one location all day.

Didn't like Mine was a very picky eater. I often worried about its diet because it would not eat. It always stayed back in a hole in the rocks until one day my sea urchin began moving towards it and backed the fish up into the hole until it could not go anywhere else. Ended up sticking the fish with its spines. Fish died the next day. I love looking at the fish but did not like having to babysit it with eating problems.

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By deanp88
Mar 29, 2010
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