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Clown leaflip Grouper Featured

The Clown Grouper is greyish in color and speckled with white dots. Their most distinguishing characteristics are the five black, triangular spots that are located along the dorsal side of the fish. This grouper will...

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Best fish I've ever had

Comments Clown groupers are aggressive but I would consider them one of these least aggressive members of the grouper family. Clown groupers do grow relatively fast and should be kept in rather larger aquariums - I would suggest keeping them in 150 gallons or more depending out the size of the fish. These fish tend to be more active and social when compared to other groupers. For the most part, I fed my clown grouper live food and it would eat just about anything that would fit into its mouth.

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By scubasteve3610
Oct 19, 2009
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