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Cinnamon Clownfish

Cinnamon Clowns range in color from bright orange with a black blotch on their side to a dark red color with orange only on their fins and face. All have a white stripe right behind their eye. It is usually best to keep...

Scientific Name Amphiprion melanopus

Common Names Cinnamon Clownfish, Black Anemonefish, Red and Black Anemonefish, Fire Clownfish

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Cinnamond Clownfish

Comments I've only owned one cinnamon clownfish and I have to say it was more aggressive than any maroon or tomato clown I've ever own. The fish bullied almost all of his tank inhabits so I had to move him to his own tank to restore the peace. This breed of clown fish seem very hardy and was very easy to care for.

Liked about it Great colors

Didn't like Personality and temperament are less than desirable

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By scubasteve3610
Jan 07, 2010
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