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Blue Spot Jawfish Goby

The Bluespotted Jawfish is golden to grey in color, and covered nose-to-tail with electric blue dots. They are sand dwelling fish and should be provided with 4-5 inches of fine substrate in which to dig and burrow. They...

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Worth the Money

Comments These are moderately difficult to keep. Not agressive and does fine in the reef environment. Its fairly active darting in and our of a rck crevice or hole in the sane. They tend to move vertical and have very good coloration. Minimum tank would be 50 gallons.

Liked about it 1: coloration, viewing of this animal
2: watching it adapt to your reef environment
3: paring it with a mate.

Didn't like Moderately difficult to care for.

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By Waynesworld
Oct 26, 2009
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