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Blue Dot Grouper

The Peacock Grouper, or Argus Hind, is green-brown with small black-edged blue dots on the head, fins, and tail. There are broad blue borders on most of the fins and tail. This Grouper has a pale phase and often...

Scientific Name Cephalopholis argus

Common Names Argus Grouper - Peacock Hind - Blue Spotted Grouper,Blue Dot Grouper

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great fish A+++

Comments this fish like most other groupers is relatively easy to care for, like most of its kind the grouper is not a fish that would be glad to share its territory. this fish (if fed accordingly) will grow at a pretty fast rate but dont worry as they normally adjust to their tanks size. overall it is a great addition to any big tanks, mine's on my cousin's house and im always looking forward to hand feeding him silversides

Liked about it -great color
-great attitude
-eats everything you throw his way

Didn't like -growth is relatively fast
-could attack other fish
-if it does attack, it could get ugly

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By gabranth17
Mar 01, 2010
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