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Blue & Gold Damselfish

This little damsel has beautiful shimmering blue along the top half of its body, stopping at the end of the dorsal fin. The rear abdomen is bright gold with flecks of blue in the fins. Damsels are generally very hardy,...

Scientific Name Pomacentrus coelestis

Common Names Blue & Gold Damsel Fish, Electric Blue, Neon Damselfish

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Great schooling fish

Comments Fairly easy to care for, its a schooling fish, so its good to buy in groups. I had a group of three that would play together and run around the tank in there group. Fun fish with a big tank

Liked about it Schooling fish
coloration is nice
They like to play around

Didn't like To be a damsel they got bullied by my clowns very badly
you need a good sized tank if you want to keep them in a school
No character if you buy singly, floats around like a freshwater fish by itself.

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By fihsboy
Aug 03, 2009
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