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Tomini Tang (Ctenochaetus tominiensis)

The Bristletooth Tomini Tang, also known as the Tomini Surgeonfish is tan combined with yellow, blue, and white highlights as a juvenile. When mature, the body color solidifies, the tail becomes blue, and the dorsal and anal fins are tipped with a golden-yellow hue. The area above the eyes has small golden flecks while sporting a golden half circle beneath.

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A good selection for most reef tanks

Comments The tomini tang is another good surgeonfish for reef aquaria. As with all Ctenochaetus genus fish, this tang stays relatively small (under 7") and is typically peaceful. This fish is a bit less common than the Kole tang, with a very similar temperament. I'd recommend this fish for any aquarium over 75 gallons.

Liked about it A smaller surgeonfish, peaceful towards almost all other fish.

Didn't like May be a bit expensive, sometimes hard to find healthy specimens.

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By crvz
May 15, 2010
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