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Pseudochromis Splendens / Splendid Dottyback

Very cool but attitude prone fish. One of about approximately 70 in the Pseudochromis family.

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Splendid Dottyback

Comments The Splendid dotty back, Pseudochromis splendens, is a beautiful fish with its bluish gray stripped body and bright yellow tail. They also have a black line that runs directly through their eye and connects to the dorsal fin. They tend to be bullies or down right nasty if they are housed with smaller fish. They do best if kept with other larger semi-aggressive fish in a large tank, or kept by themselves in a smaller tank. They are very territorial. They definitely don't make friends easily. Especially dangerous to ornamental shrimp. They will destroy them is a better way of putting it no matter what the size. The splendid dottyback are hermaphrodites, so you will get a pair for sure as long as they don't kill each in the process of deciding dominance. Will except all foods. Ate everything I gave him. Plus my Scarlet and Peppermint Shrimps!

Liked about it Gorgeous colors on this fish. I really like how the Spendid Dotty curves their bodies as the look at you. The same as all Pseudochromis species. Mine went around the tank feeding on Bristle Worms and other Flat Worms. But don't count on them always doing this.

Didn't like Way to aggressive for my tank. Will kill your ornamental shrimp no matter what their size is. My first fish that I learned how to trap. Had to remove him. I love my shrimp as I have several different paired species.

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By rugman7
Mar 29, 2010
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