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Parma oligolepis Big-scaled Parma Damsel


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Comments Vary easy fish to care for and is vary hardy. Vary colorful as a juvenile but will turn brown/black in adult hood. Happens to be one of the most aggressive fish I have ran into in 5 years of keeping saltwater fish. I had this little 2" fish maul a 9" yellow tang almost to death in my 120 bow front. I know damsels are far from nice but this little guys make my others look like de-clawed kittens. He is now in his own 20 gallon tank that I had to setup just for him. I had put some zoas in his tank and within an hour he had bitten of most of the arms on my blue zoa frag that I had fragged just for his tank. Turns out that fish may end up as large a 25cm witch is huge for a damsel. Not picky about food my any means. Because of max size it will need a larger tank then what I have him in right now 55 is my guess minimum.

Liked about it Beautiful fish great colorful young. Easy to care for. Fun active fish

Didn't like Vary vary aggressive will take on fish much larger then it self (almost killed my tang), nips at zoathids(buttom polyps, or carpet polyps).

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By Shalow
Apr 05, 2011
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