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Orchid dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani)

The Orchid Dottyback, is an excellent addition to most reef tanks. This fish was once expensive and rare, but due to captive breeding programs is now affordable and readily available. It is characterized by it's purple color and differentiated from other similar dottyback species by the black line that runs through its eye.

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A great reef fish that is easy to keep and good tempered. featured

Comments I love this fish. It is strikingly beautiful in color, small in size, and readily feeds on prepared foods.

They don't need much room just a cave to call their own. Once they find a cave they will stay in it and defend it. It is only in defense of this territory that you will see aggression. When they go out to eat they get what they can then go back to the cave. Even their defense of the cave is mild when compared to some fish and if there is a nearby crag or other cave they are just as likely to escape to that instead of fight.

This isn't a large fish, getting just 3 inches long and not particularly deep keeled or wide bodied so can be kept in a smaller tank, perhaps as small as 10 gallons, certainly 20 is enough provided in each case there is enough rock work for it to find a cave.

My orchid eats whatever I feed her including flake food, though she certainly does love mysis shrimp and other meaty foods. A variety of foods, including the aforementioned meaty foods, are required for good health to be maintained.

This is one of my favorite fish and stands out, especially when swimming with blue chromis and my yellow clown goby.

If kept in pairs be sure that it is a male/female pair, otherwise they will spar.

Many dottyback are known to pick on ornamental shrimp. The orchid will if the shrimp is very small, such as a sexy shrimp and it may nip smaller fan worms. However, it leaves larger shrimp alone.

Liked about it 1. Great color.
2. Readily feeds on prepared foods.
3. In a large enough tank it will find a cave and not bother the other fish.

Didn't like 1. Because it is a cave dweller it will hide much of the time, coming out to explore and eat. Because of the great color you will always want to see it more, but when it comes out you will always be stunned.

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By tcamos
Jul 28, 2010
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