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Hector's Goby

Hector's Goby has a bluish-black body with bright yellow horizontal stripes and an eyespot on the dorsal fin. A 10 gallon+ aquarium with plenty of hiding places works well for this fish. It can be included in a reef aquarium and the fish will sift the sand as well as graze on hair algae. It is non-aggressive towards other fish and will not bother invertebrates in the...

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A Fish that Earns its Keep featured

Comments Hector's Gobies are extremely hardy and easy to take care of. They are a peaceful fish that can be kept in most tanks. You only need a small tank to suit this fish as well. They have a unique coloration being mostly black with white and yellow stripes. They also have cool eye spots along their dorsal fin and some red spots mixed in. These fish really earn their keep as they are great sand sifters and will eat/ pick at the nuissance hair algae! I have never seen any signs of aggression with my goby. He usually keeps to himself in search of food and doesn't bother anyone. Mine has grown from about one inch to an inch and a half within a few short weeks. Their maximum growth is around 3 inches. They are typically hardy eaters accepting a range of frozen foods to flakes and pellets. However they will typically grab their own food from hair algae and sand sifting.

Liked about it Hector's Gobies eat/ nip at hair algae!
They shift the sand.
Extremely peaceful in any tank community.
They readily accept nearly all foods.
Unique coloration and cool eye spots.
They don't bother invertebrates.
Fun to watch while sand shifting.
They are extremely hardy and can tolerate parameter shifts.

Didn't like They can cover corals on the bottom in sand when they shift it.
They are sometimes hard to find since they are typically small.

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By Guchte22
Mar 10, 2010
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