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Christmas Wrasse (Halichoeres claudia )

A smaller wrasse usually collected from Fiji, the Christmas wrasse is one of many Halichoeres species fish available in the hobby. To about 5" in size, these fish make great additions to almost all tanks larger than about 50 gallons.

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Great fish addition, especially if you're looking for some pest control

Comments As with most Halichoeres fish, this fish is known for keeping pest population in control (particularly pyramid snails and fireworms), but what comes with that is a tendency to eat small shrimp (very small, ornamental shrimp are generally safe), tubeworms, fanworms, etc. All that said, I still very much like these fish for their activity, colors, peaceful temperament, smaller size, and their ability to help with pest concerns. I've kept these fish with other halichoeres wrasses (including the canary and hovens wrasse), and I've never had an issue as a result. My springer's dottyback, however, took issue with all of them, so the dottyback had to go.

Liked about it Great size, nice tendency to take care of pests, and beautiful colors make them one of my favorite wrasses. Once acclimated and comfortable, they're also rather active, so unless they're threatened you should see them with regularity.

Didn't like As with most wrasses, they're likely to jump, so you MUST be sure to have a good cover on the top of your tank. Also, they're going to be more comfortable with a sand bed (where they sleep and hide if threatened), and while I've kept them in barebottom systems, I think they're better off with sand.

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By crvz
May 17, 2010
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