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Bluehead Wrasse

The Bluehead Wrasses are carnivorous, in the wild they eat primarily zooplankton and many small benthic organisms including various crustaceans.

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Care Level: Easy

Comments These fish live singly or in groups.Feed a varied protein diet strong in small crustacea, formulas and frozen foods such as mysis and brineshrimp, and thawed chopped raw fish, and even flake foods.. They have also been know to eat ectoparasites on other fish (making them a good cleaner fish in the home aquarium).

Liked about it they are generally REEF SAFE as they don't eat corals or live plants. They are colorful and very active. They swim all over the place.

Didn't like Do not keep these fish with invertebrates as they will snack on them.

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By ReggiesTropicalF
Sep 10, 2010
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