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Emperor Angelfish

Adult size to 1'3", the emperor angel is a showcase fish for a 100+ gal tank. The juvenile is pleasingly colored in mostly vertical blue and white stripes. The adult become yellow and blue horizonally striped with a yellow, blue, black and white head and yellow tail. So for one fish, you get two appearances.

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Showcase Angel with Horizonally Striped Juvenile Growing into Even More Beautifully Colored Horizontally Striped Adult featured

Comments The emperor angel (Pomocanthus imperator) is semi-aggressive. Use caution with reefs: should be kept with SPS corals or noxious soft coral (may nip at stony corals, sessile invertebrates, and clams). The juvenile will change appearance into its adult form (taking 24 to 30 months) and requires good conditions and nutrition to fully change: supplement diet with vitamins and color enhancing foods: spriulina, marine algae, high quality angel food preparations, mysis and brine shrimp and meaty items. My emperor angel loves the treat of a cracked thawed small clam. Others love krill and gracilaria. Avoid mixing with similar sized angels (Pomocantus or Holocanthus) to minimize aggression. The emperor angel will click or grunt when threatened; you'll see and hear the aggression.

Liked about it The emperor angel is a beautiful fish that changes from an attractive juvenile into an even more beautiful adult. Its large size (1'3") makes it a dramatic accent in the DT. They are a pleasure to feed treats: krill, cracked clams, gracilaria, etc. Individuals have a lot of personality.

Didn't like The coloration from juvenile to adult may not fully transform into the expected adult (although color-enhancing nutrition will help). When stressed, the angel is susceptible to ich; avoid too small a tank or similar angel co-habitants. (The emperor angel will respond well to cupramine or copper treatment if ich occurs.) The angel may nip at some corals; it is not the most reef safe fish.

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By Fielding12
Apr 17, 2010
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Price: $103 to $103
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