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Vertex IN-80 Protein Skimmer

Vertex IN 80 Internal (In Sump) Skimmer w/ 2nd Generation ImpellerAmong the many progresses in Marine Aquaria hobby in the recent years, the use of protein skimmers was, by far, one of the greatest milestones in...

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Great Skimmer! featured

Installation and Operation Bought this skimmer at my LFS when I replaced my wet/dry with a sump. It took a bit to set up the skimmer. In fact. I put it together improperly. The instruction set has no pictures and is pretty vague at times. The part I missassembled was the outlet. I put the T fitting on the outlet with the very short PVC pipe (it properly fits between the 90deg outlet elbow and the T). I ended up getting an extraordinary amount of microbubbles and three leftover PVC parts. I was wondering where they go (no mention of them in the instructions) and I saw a picture online and assembled it properly in a snap. Now the skimmer is working great with almost no microbubbles. Although I still put the outlet in a micron sock to ensure a bubble free sump.

Performance vs. Expectations Works MUCH better than my prevoius skimmer that was built into my wet/dry. After a few days, I noticed a HUGE difference in water clarity in my display. This was even more evident at night when my moonlight was on. I could see just about everything in the dim light.

Value for money Its probably the best skimmer out there for its price. I dont regret the purchase at all! It comes with a bubble chamber too!

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Liked about it Adjustable, I can quickly adjust the skimmer level with the turn of a pipe.
Very quet pump. It is a bit noisy that it would normally be due to my cramped 10G sump. Dont let this skimmer tuch the tank walls. Causes a rattle
Skimmer cup is easily removable. No need so unscrew anything. Just lift it off the body!
Skimms my tank crystal clear! I have a 55G.

Didn't like Instructions can be improved.

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By Rustl3r
Mar 22, 2011
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