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Vertex IN-100 Protein Skimmer Featured

Powerful motor pumps drive precision Needle Wheel Rotors to introduce large amounts of air and water into the skimmer body. This is done without compromising continuous delivery and velocity due to the turbulence...

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Vertex IN 100 featured

General I got this skimmer about a month ago to replace an Octo NW 200. I have been very pleased with it. I have it in a 75 gl tank - med bioload. It took about 10 minutes total to unpack and set up, very simple. It ran great right out of the box, started skimming as soon as I put it in the tank. It stopped the first night and needed a new impeller, which has been an issue for the 100's on the included impeller, but no problems once replaced. I bought at Premium Aquatics (one of our sponsors) and they overnighted a new one that day. This skimmer does not require any mods, easy to adjust by turning the output tube. Very good skimming with the included pinwheel. It needs to be in about 7" of water, so I put it on a simple stand made out of egg crate. I've turned it on and off many times and it still requires no adjusting, it goes right back to the correct level as soon as I turn it back on, and it always restarts fine. I skim wet and I am getting about 3/4 of a cup of skimmate per day (very smelly!)It has a neck like the Euroreef and includes a bubbleplate, the cup removal is easy, so it has everything except a cone in terms of current skimmer technology.

Liked about it Easy to use, no mod's required! Good build quality. Very Quiet. Good price.

Didn't like Original impeller needed replacement on Day 1

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By scoop
Apr 23, 2009
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