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Tunze Master DOC 9420 Protein Skimmer

The models of the Master DOC Skimmer are easily placed in aquarium cabinets with variable level and need no adjustment for operation. They operate with TUNZE® Hydrofoamer 9400.04, which also ensures the water circulation...

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Yep, its a Tunze, but left me wanting a little more featured

Installation and Operation The product was straight forward and easy to assemble. It came with a couple options for the discharge tubing. As with other Tunze products the instructions are thorough and easy to understand. If you have had any experience with other skimmers, you should find that the instructions are fairly unnecessary.

Performance vs. Expectations The product performs quite well. I installed this skimmer in a brand new system with nothing in the tank but freshly made water. Within a few hours it was skimming and producing a decent foam head, I was surprised. I have come to expect this from the Tunze product line though as everything they build is a quality product. The Hydrofoamer pump really surprised me though. It is dead quiet and although resembles the Sicce pumps alot, it is a much better performer than other skimmers I have had with the Sicces.

Value for money I would say that I do not think the value for the money is quite there. Comparable models from other manufacturers in the same price range come with more features. In this price point I would expect to see a bubble plate and gate valve/wedge pipe for level control and a nicer, more integrated intake silencer. I will have to say that it does function well and preforms nicely comparably.

Customer Support I have not personally dealt with them as I never really have had too. That says alot about their products. I do, however, know people that have dealt with their Customer service and have been told it is second to none.

Liked about it I really liked how well made the skimmer is. High quality components make for a long lasting product. The pump is awesome and very quiet. I also like how the body comes ready to accept a second pump.

Didn't like I didn't like that the skimmer isn't really adjustable. I also did not like that at this price point that it does not have a bubble plate.

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By Fat Tony
Mar 22, 2010
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