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Reeflo Orca 250 Protein Skimmer

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A beast! featured

Installation and Operation This skimmer is a beast. It has been on the system for over a year and I have few complaints. Expect some overflows in the first few weeks. Best to set it up and let it run wide open before trying to tune it. Keep your old skimmer on the system until fully broken in. All the same, it looks like its skimming milk--it produces that many bubbles. I would really recommend this skimmer for those who have a large skimming capacity and need a good skimmer to control it all. If you have 400 gallons or less, consider the Orca 200 as it might be more tuned for you.

Make sure this skimmer is plumbed to a sump or water source which is not variable (water column increases/decreases or start/stops frequently) and you should see excellent results without overflows. I learned this by experience.

Performance vs. Expectations The initial overflows are a drag and the plumbing is metric. When compared to other skimmers in the class however, the Orca is distinct in it's ability to outskim it's competitors as I have found. Friends have Octos and other compared skimmers and I still see better results personally.

Value for money 7/10...worth the money but man...that's a lot to swallow...does it really cost more than a grand to make a good skimmer? I digress.

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Liked about it Great skimming capacity for medium to large systems; little tuning needed when adjusted properly; simple to install.

Didn't like Overflows frequently when started/stopped if back-pressure is not eliminated from overflow (return) line; price is prohibitive for the average consumer; takes a long time to "break in"; unable to clean the most inner-chamber of the skimmer by hand...must be removed from system and run through a vinegar bath to properly clean the inside fully.

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By superwizbang
Aug 04, 2009
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