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Fission Power Skimmer

Fission power Skimmer 210 powered by a patent pending paddle-mixing injection system, the Fission Power Skimmer violently mixes air with water - creating a column of millions of tiny microbubbles. These tiny...

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Low budget or starter Protein Skimmer

General This is a low budget skimmer good for a tank less than 75 gallons.
I bought this skimmer on sale from a web store soon after converting 75 gallon from cannister to sump filter.
It pulls out decent amount of skimmate but the blue knob is difficult to adjust. The collection cup has a small drain port that is practically wothless.
If you need a low priced skimmer for under $150.00 this is an option.

Liked about it Decent skimmate produced, low price, can be HOB or in sump.

Didn't like Hard to adjust foam height.
Collection cup has odd sized drainage port.

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By depitch
May 26, 2009
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