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ASM G-5 Protein Skimmer

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Great skimmer for the price... featured

Installation and Operation I purchased this skimmer for my 300 gallon reef tank and it has worked out very well. Very simple to install, like most skimmers. Adjustments are very easy to change from wet skimming to thick. I have been using it for about a year now and the plastic is just now beginning to "yellow". The pump has been strong and to date has not been an issue. I do wish that there was a more solid connection between the pump and skimmer base.

Performance vs. Expectations It pulls out plenty of crud from the water column. I realize that there are skimmers out there that do a better job and many that don't but for the mid ranged price you pay compared to top end skimmers it does great. IMO why pay so much more to get such little improvement.

Value for money All skimmers seem over priced to me but they are very important. I feel that I made a good purchase.

Customer Support No support needed.

Liked about it Very easy to install and maintain. I clean the head about every two weeks and the base about every six months. Once I set the level I rarely need to adjust it.

Didn't like The only thing that I think that could be improved is where the pipe from the pump enters the lower chamber. It does not fit well and I have noticed that if I rotate the skimmer at all the pump pipe will easily come out.

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By deanp88
Sep 15, 2011
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