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ASM G-1 Protein Skimmer Featured

Model ASM G-1 G-Series In-Sump protein skimmer. Sedra 2500 pump INCLUDED. Rated for 100 gallons. 5-1/2-inch diameter body. 19-inch height. Requires a footprint of 8-1/2-inches x 10-inches.

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instantly loved it! featured

Installation and Operation i didnt even need to look at the instructions, its very easy to install, very easy to maintain, and definatly as close to plug and play that i have ever seen with a skimmer...

Performance vs. Expectations i had never owned anything from ASM before but i am more than impressed with the performance of this skimmer, even over recirculating skimmers i have had in the past...

Value for money i got a little bit of a deal when comparing to the prices online, but even if i had paid 250 or 300 it would still be plenty worth it, i have spent over 500 for other skimmers that needed very simple, yet annoying, mods... if i had the chance again i may have gotten the G1X but as far as i know the only difference is the pump, and the sicce 2500 that it came with is amazing and absolutel silent, till you get sand in it anyway, lol...

Customer Support never had to call them, a flier in the box said all i needed was the receipt in order to take advantage of the 1year waranty so thats all i kept, although you can register with them too so you dont have to hold on to the receipt...

Liked about it -simple adjustment
-pump is more quiet than my return
-very solid build
i could list alot of other things i liked about it but these were in comparison to other skimmers ive had

Didn't like -if sand gets in there it gets stuck behind the needlewheel
-i had to add about five feet of airline tubing to get the air intake to be silent
-bubbles from output were noisy and we all knonw how annoying bubbles can be with salt creep
-pump has no way to be mounted

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By joejoe104
Aug 15, 2010
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