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AquaC Urchin Protein Skimmer with Pump

AquaC Urchin Skimmer with Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump

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Nice little skimmer featured

Installation and Operation The ease of installing and operating is impressive. Drop it in the sump, plug it in, you're done. Well, kind of. I had to cut the tubing that connects the pump to the skimmer due to the fact I upgraded to the Maxi-Jet 1200. I got this one with a drain fitting also.

Performance vs. Expectations I have the adjustable collection chamber about 1" up for now. It fills the collection chamber about every 6-7 days. This is what I was looking for.

Value for money I consider this skimmer comparable to other skimmers in this price range.

Customer Support Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with the company for any problems as there haven't been any. I hope that remains.

Liked about it The two main things I like about the design are; 1. The spray injection nozzle vs the needle wheel and noisy air sucking (even with the silencer) and 2. The gentle cascade of water coming out of the side of the unit which causes no splashing and again no noise and the absence of a bubble catcher or filter sock.
I really can't hear the operation of this unit, perhaps a slight hum from the power head but nothing really after you close the aquarium stand door. I like not having to unscrew a hold down ring in order to empty the collection chamber. Just lift off, empty and clean and drop back on.

Didn't like Have not found one thing I didn't like about the unit.

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By mrplum
Dec 09, 2010
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