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Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410.000 Featured

Low wattage, high efficiency skimmer. Skimming, filtering and aerating a saltwater aquarium without power consumption is impossible. But, no unit uses less current than TUNZE? DOC Skimmer 9410. At a power consumption of only 12 W (16 W), the new DOC Skimmer has equivalent performance to much larger skimmers consuming more than twice as much power. In addition, no...

Price: $238 to $1238 at 3 stores
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All together, a GREAT skimmer! featured

Installation and Operation -Putting together the skimmer is quite difficult. Putting the air tubing onto the skimmer body and pump is very difficult. I think it would be best if they include a tube of silicone grease to aid in putting on the tube. Other than that, it was quite easy to finish installation.

-The instructions were very easy to read, however, the pictures were a little confusing. Also, having one instruction booklet with three languages is a little difficult to follow sometimes. You can lose your place very easily. I think it would be best if they split the instruction book into 3 different books.

-Once up and running, the skimmer is very easy to maintain. The adjustment of the wetness of the skimmate is a little finicky, but once set, you never have to touch it again.
-I have only performed that weekly maintenance as of recent, (cleaning the collection cup), and can not speak on the detailed maintenance(detailed cleaning of entire skimmer). Once I do, however, I will edit this review.

Performance vs. Expectations I would say that it works every bit as well as described.

Value for money After doing much research, I think that this skimmer is very competitively priced.

Customer Support Nothing to report at this time.

Liked about it -Skims very well. It pulls 500mL of skimmate a week!

-This skimmer only pulls 16w!!! Just by switching to this skimmer, I saved $25 on my power bill!

-Very quiet. I have never heard so much of a rattle from the pump.

All together, a GREAT skimmer.

Didn't like -The post filter. In my opinion, it is a waste to put a filter sock on a skimmer and not to mention, I hate filter socks anyways. But the sock gets dirty in about 2-3 days and according to the directions, you can only wash a couple of times. If you take the sock off, it sounds like a waterfall in your sump. I ended up cutting 98% of the sock away and just left enough for the water to run down. I think it would be best if a review of the return side of the skimmer.

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By Fish Dude32
Apr 04, 2010
Last updated: April 06, 2010
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Price: $238 to $1238
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