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Deltec TS1250 Turbo Skimmer

Powerful in sump protein skimmer that runs efficiently and requires not additional pump or pipes.

Price: $90 to $90 at 1 stores
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Deltec TS1250 Turbo Skimmer

Installation and Operation One two-sided page of instructions tells you all you need to know to operate this simple, powerful, low energy and efficient in-sump protein skimmer. The rectangular shape fits into the sump with the water level between 4" and 6" to operate. Plug in the internal and included pump. Adjust the valve to control the amount of air to create the small bubbles you want. Lift the level to control the height of the bubbles, setting the level you prefer with a screw adjustment. The protein skimmer does all the rest of the work. Occasionally take out and rinse the sponges and, if using it replace the carbon as needed. The Deltec TS 1250 is easy to install and maintain.

Performance vs. Expectations This protein skimmer performs as well as any skimmer I've seen: excellent skimming.

Value for money It isn't the least expensive skimmer, but it is a very good product so it is a good value. Retail prices are around $500 plus.

Customer Support No experience. Nothing has needed customer support.

Liked about it The Deltec TS1250 is easy to install and maintain. It skims from a heavily stocked 130 gallon tank to a lightly stocked 200 gallon tank; my experience is skimming a moderately stocked 150 gallon tank. The cup is easy to remove and replace, rotating clockwise to lock and counter-clockwise to release. I have to reach at an angle into my cabinet to get to my skimmer and appreciate very much the easy with which the cup can be cleaned.

Didn't like Well, it would be nice if the great product cost less but that is mostly dreaming (since the Deltec skimmer is a good value). I would like it to be quieter. My Deltec skimmer is louder than my durso draining 150 gallon tank with a mag 18 pump. I wish this protein skimmer were more frequently purchased, mainly because I, selfishly, would like to see it on the resale market more.

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By Fielding12
Feb 21, 2010
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Price: $90 to $90
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