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Bubble King Mini 160

New Generation 2 Bubble King Mini's now Pulling twice the air! Limited on space? This is the skimmer for you. - - Welcome to the Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Protein Skimmers. Royal Exclusiv has over 25 years of manufacturing under their belt. With aquariums up to 12,000 liters. With their hobby also being their job makes it that much easier to care about the quality and process in which they create their products. - - The Bubble King Protein skimmers are totally different than anything you may find on the market today. After 3 Years of development and testing all Skimmers are manufactured on highly accurate 4 axis CNC-machines. All skimmers are made from Acrylic with a thickness of 4-6mm. Bubble plates and injection pans with conical counter bored holes for clear turbulence reduction are standard on all models. - - Bubble King Protein Skimmers also include the original Red Dragon pump with standard anit-lime bypass and titan screws. Skimmers are available in Internal or External Models with many different styles to choose from. -

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Installation and Operation This is a set and forget skimmer. Once you determine the proper depth and how dry you like to skim, you're good to go. The adjustment of the water level uses a simple twist of the wedge pipe.

Performance vs. Expectations The build of this skimmer is nothing short of amazing. It is like a little fireplug. The lid of the collection cup is around 3/8" thick, and the cup itself is beefy. The pump is almost silent, just a minor hum, and there is almost no slurping or suction noise from the air intake as it is housed in a silencer. I found that previous skimmers needed constant adjustment, despite my steady water level around the skimmer. This needs NOTHING other than a quick wipe of the cup every few days.

Value for money Considering how energy efficient this skimmer is, it's top of it's class. Though the initial price is a bit higher than your average skimmer, it is made up for in the quality build, silent operation, and lack of adjustment.

Customer Support No issues.

Liked about it This skimmer is as silent as a skimmer can come. The energy draw of the skimmer is less than that of many powerheads, making this skimmer a no-brainer for those seeking a greener tank. I never have to adjust the water level, making this the lowest maintainence skimmer I've used. The build of the BubbleKing is nothing short of amazing.

Didn't like The price of these skimmers is consistent with their build. If you want to buy only one skimmer, then look no further.

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By hansmatt
Sep 15, 2009
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