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Aqua C Remora Pre-Skimmer Box

The Surface Prefilter Accessory serves two functions: First, it draws water off the surface of the tank, which increases the skimmer's overall performance. Second, it helps to catch any stray micro bubbles that escape from the skimmer so that they won't enter the tank. All of the Surface Preflters are pump specific.

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Remora pre-skimmer box a must-have featured

Installation and Operation The instructions that come with the box are not very good at all. However, it is easy to install. There are two screws used to afix the box to the pump. These can be a little difficult to get just right so the box hangs level.

Performance vs. Expectations The box is designed to do three things.
1. Skim from the top of the water to get a better skimmate. It does this great.
2. Reduce the number of micro-bubbles in the tank. It certainly does this as I have none. I read many complaints from people who used the Remora without the box about bubbles, I have no issues.
3. Hide the pump so your tank looks nicer. I think the box looks cool in the tank, almost like you have something more expensive than you really do. Silly perhaps, but looking cool can be important too.

Value for money I think the box is priced $5 too high, but when faced with the prospect of not having it, I have to say I would much rather own it than not.

Customer Support I did contact AquaC on two occasions and was more than pleased with the service I got there. It was personal, prompt, and helpful.

Liked about it 1. Works as advertised.
2. Looks very nice in the tank.
3. Provides me with an extra area to keep filter media.

Didn't like 1. Can be difficult to adjust just right (though not too much so).
2. Is difficult to get it to hang flush with the back of the tank. I would like to see a bracket to do this for me.
3. It takes up room in the tank. For me this isn't a big deal but it is something you may want to consider.

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By tcamos
Apr 14, 2010
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