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Lfgd Strainer 2 Threaded

Threaded Bulkhead Screens 2" by Lifegard Aquatics. MPT fitting which fits into both the Standard and the Double Threaded Bulkheads, as well as other FPT plumbing parts

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A great intake strainer for a large pump.

Comments I and using 2 of these on the intake to my CLS. The seem to be performing great and the mesh is perfect. They do not get clogged nor do they let any large debris through.
Always use bulkhead strainers. You never know what might get sucked up into your pump and possible destroy it.

keep an eye on them if you have them in that tank and you may from time to time find a fish or snail stuck top one.

Beware these will not stop an anemone from getting sucked in a chopped in to tiny pieces!

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By ckusnierek
Jul 14, 2009
Last updated: May 27, 2010
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