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Penductor - KTH Sales

Penductors are mounted on the discharge side of the pump and must be submerged to move (educt) additional liquid - once you get close to the "best efficiency" point of 10 PSI (or 23 feet if looking a pump performance curve) you can pump about 7 GPM and educt about 28 GPM to produce a movement of 35 GPM per eductor. Penductors can be used with pressures as low as 3.5...

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Cheaper than a stronger pump!

Comments Penductors are a type of tank mixing eductor sold by KTH Sales for aquariums. I added 6 of their 1 inch models to a coral display and saw an obvious change in the amount of water movement! These are also great for use in salt water mix tanks, they really get the unmixed salt off of the bottom.

Liked about it Easy to install with threads available in many sizes. Come in black and blue so it is not an eye sore in your tank. They work even better when they are connected to loc-line so you can aim the flow.

Didn't like Make sure your pump can handle the extra pressure that an eductor can add to the plumbing. Also, make sure all of your plumbing connecting are tight so that water does not squeeze through hose barbs and slip fittings.

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By hawaii4485
Sep 12, 2009
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