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2 inch Kink-Free Corrugated Reinforced Black Tubing ft

Heavy-Duty Kink-Free tubing is reinforced on the ouside to resist kinking. Smooth on the inside to speed water flow, and less fittings will be required. Tubing is flexible, yet will not crimp or collapse around curves....

Price: $135 to $135 at 1 stores
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Makes plumbing easy

General I use this tubing in my Koi pond. It feeds my filter then runs to my waterfall. Almost a 25ft run in all. After 2 years, in my experience, it will develop pinholes and will need to be replaced. It can be a struggle to get this tubing onto some fittings. Particularly fully barbed ones. A trick I have come up with is to soak the end of the hose in boiling water just before I am ready to hook it up. The boiling water softens the tubing enough to help slip it into place.

Liked about it Very flexible
Comes in many sizes

Didn't like 1 to 2 year lifespan if used outdoors
can be extremely hard to get onto some fittings

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By Mr.Peanut
May 19, 2009
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Price: $135 to $135
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