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Lifereef Prefilter Box

A 600gph (or 1200gph) siphon-tube style acrylic overflow box. - AUTO-RESTART when power resumes, always 100%. - No lift pump or other device needed! - All edges rounded so you or your fish won't harm themselves on sharp edges. - Large 1 1/8" diameter siphon tube, Double Prefilters have two siphon tubes. - 1-1/2" of up/down adjustment of inner box. - Inner box cannot be knocked out of vertical alignment. - Long lasting and easily cleaned foam filter element. - Will not overflow, even if foam element becomes dirty. - 1" male thread output and included 1" hose-barb fitting. - #Fits aquarium rims up to 1 1/2" wide and can also be made to fit acrylic aquarium rims or "Euro" style rims. - Colors available: clear, black, and blue

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Installation and Operation Despite never having installed an overflow box before, I found this to be an easy install.
The only thing to suggest is that you Read the Instructions before setting it up.
I can't say my install took only 45 mins, because I had to do all the tank/sump plumbing at the same time, but if I'd had everything plumbed beforehand then 45mins would have been about right.
Operation is simple. After getting rid of the air bubble in the siphon tube, it just works.
Adjustment is easy, just move the inner box up or down to give the water level you want in the tank using the plastic wing-nut.

Performance vs. Expectations There is very little noise from the down tube.
The inner box is easily adjusted while running so you can fine tune the tank level.
I don't need to worry about the siphon breaking - the only time it happened was when I did a cleaning of the inner box using a siphon and removed all the water - ooops, my fault, not a problem with the design.
I've had it running for 6 mo.s & turn off my return pump at least once a wee for water changes & don;t even think about the overflow, it starts up every time.
With a 3ft drop to the sump and running 1" drain line, it moves about +500gph.

Value for money This overflow may be one of the more expensive on the market, but I don't worry about flooding.
Having read many reviews of other overflows that are unreliable, I don't worry about the Lifereef causing a flood.
Worth the extra $, just for the security.

Customer Support They are great.
Before I bought it, I phoned the support line & got lots of info and advice - from set up to maintenance.
Even if I wasn't sold on it before, after talking to them I was impressed.

Liked about it Easy to set up
Easy to maintain

Didn't like Siphon tube can get broken
Inner box gets dirty

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By vic622
Feb 08, 2010
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