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CPR CS102 Overflow Box

Overflow box with no need for tubes.

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The CS102 Siphon Aquarium OverFlow Box featured

Installation and Operation Takes a little putting together. Nothing really involved. Basic bulkhead fittings for drains and prefilter. The instructions that come with the product are very easy to follow and very detailed. Very easy to operate once setup and installed. Just a little fine tuning involved. Unit has a black acrylic top to reduce algae growth. Also comes with a mesh fish guard. Very handy to have. Most small fish will end up there checking it out at one time or another. Keeps your livestock safe. Operation is very smooth once started. It works almost like skimming the aquariums water with a continuous siphon. It has adjustment screws to set the water level in your aquarium to your specifications. There are provided vent tubes to be placed in through the prefilter vent screens to stop the flushing noise caused by air trying to escape back through the bulkheads. This can be done by adjusting them up and down to find the point where the noise is reduced the most. Very nice option. Runs all but silent. Using a Aqua-Lifter is Highly recommended by me and CPR. This keeps the unit running by removing any air build up that can stop the siphon. Only maintaince I've found is cleaning the prefilters once in a while.

Performance vs. Expectations Performed as described. I was very happy not to have to use overflows with tubes anymore. If there is a power outage it just restarts on its own when the power resumes. The flushing noise is reduced to almost nothing with the vent tubes. Really moves the water.

Value for money Great value for what this product delivers. It beats anything out there if your tank is not pre-drilled. You can also order this product with a deluxe option which comes with aqua-lifter and acrylic lid for rear part of the box. Best value!!!

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Liked about it Its quite operation. It cycles 6 more times the volume of water that I was getting with the old tube style overflows. Nice acrylic body and housing consteruction.

Didn't like I did not like that its all but REQUIRED to have an Aqua-Lifter . It's the only way to ensure uninterrupted siphoning. Yet this is not a fail safe because this pump can fail too. Just keep the Aqua-Lifter clean and it should run efficiently.

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By rugman7
Mar 24, 2010
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