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Tom Aquatics Betta Security House

4 Compartment Betta Security House 16 X 2 X 4"H

Price: $39 to $39 at 1 stores
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Good for temporary use

Comments I suppose Betta are the most misunderstood fish around. Just because they come in a cup, doesn't mean they should live the rest of their lives in one. They are most healthy in tanks with many tall plants in them. Therefore, as a permanent means of keeping Betta Splendens I cannot recommend the use of this product. However, under certain circumstances it can be a valuable tool. For those who keep multiple Betta in several tanks, there may be a time you need to keep them together, this product does that without endangering them.

Liked about it 1. Easy to install in tank due to the suction cups.
2. Easy to feed Betta housed inside.

Didn't like 1. Dividers are transparent. Keeping male Betta so close together will agitate and stress them causing them to flare frequently as they are within site of another male.
2. Detritus does not freely exit the container.
3. Promotes the improper housing of Betta.

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By tcamos
Apr 28, 2010
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Price: $39 to $39
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