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R2 Complete Fish School Training Kit

R2 Fish School Fish Training System by . R2 Fish School complete fish training system includes DVD, training platform, and over 20 accessories

Price: $18 to $45 at 2 stores
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Don't believe it? Check Myth Busters! featured

Comments Okay...lets get this out of the way right off...this product has nothing to do with the health or longevity of your fish, it's for fun, your fun. Long, long ago, someone started a rumor that gold fish had a 3 second memory. This was probably started by the "carny folk" to hide the cruelty of keeping them in bags! Since then actual scientific tests have been performed that show fish, even goldfish, have long term memories and can even be trained to a limited extent. There was even a Myth Busters episode where they put this to the test. The result of that show was the goldfish recognized color patterns, completed an obstacle course under water, and they remembered what they had been taught over a month later.

This "fish school" is a perfectly fun little set up to bust the myth of the 3 second memory yourself and have a few giggles while you are at it.

Just make sure you have all the regular tank requirements met for a goldfish (not a bowl or a bag please)!

Liked about it 1. Fun.
2. Everything is there for your experiment in fish memory, no need to make your own course up.
3. Promotes interest in fish behavior and can increase awareness thus preventing cruelty to fish.

Didn't like 1. May cause the less patient young fish keepers to interact with the fish harshly, thus causing it stress. Parental supervision is a must!
2. should not be the only thing in the tank, may cause some fish keepers to neglect regular practices.

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By tcamos
Apr 20, 2010
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Price: $18 to $45
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at 2 stores

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