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SL2 Probe Expansion Module by Digital Aquatics

The RKM-SL2 is the newest System Lab module from Digital Aquatics. It's a big leap forward with fully (and individually,) isolated ph and salinity ports. On top of that, the Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with full digital temperature compensation built in! This make it easy to calibrate and ideal for testing a variety of tanks. Whether you're mixing for a... - The SL2 also allows for another temperature probe to be added to the system for redundant monitoring as well as two more switch inputs; great for ATO systems or leak detectors. - - The DA salinity probe is nearly 30% more cost effective than competitive options and when cared for and kept clean our probe will last for many years. Great quality and value is part of our commitment!

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A great option for any Reef Keeper.

Comments I love this module. It has a Salinity probe port, PH port Temp probe and 2 Switch ports.
I love being able to monitor salinity and actually have an alarm set if my SG drop below 1.022
The second PH is also great when combined with a SL1 you now have 2 ph probes. You can run a reactor and monitor your tank at the same time. The 2 switch ports are great. Get 2 float switches and use them for ATO.

Very simple to install and use. As with all DA modules as soon as you install it it is ready to use. Simply plug and play.

I have never used the switch ports but those could be sued to create a simple top off system.

Liked about it I love the Salinity probe and being able to monitor my tank salinity.
The PH is great, I do not use it but am thinking about ditching my Co2 controller and using this.
It is so simple to install. Just plug and play.

Didn't like No probes are included and they cost another $90 for salanity and $45 for PH.

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By ckusnierek
May 29, 2010
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