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Neptune Systems PX1000 expansion module

The first expansion module, the PX 1000 , with a pH, ORP, temperature (or 2 pH and 1 temperature), and 6 digital inputs.

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Great add on unit if you're running more than one system featured

Comments I ended up buying this when I started running an independent frag/quarantine system, and it was a great investment. This unit plugs directly into the neptune controllers (I use it with an AC3), and it provides another temp port and two probe ports (to be used as desired). The unit comes with everything needed to get it running, and the way it seamlessly plugs right in and works is great. It requires no programming or other setup to get it running. It also allows the breakout box, another accessory from neptune, to use all 6 switch inputs, whereas generally you only get 2 switches with the breakout box. So while it's a bit spendy, it's a great addition in lieu of buying a secondary controller.

Liked about it The best part about this is the seamless integration with the aquacontroller unit. Plug it in and its ready to go. This will essentially give you either redundant or double capability, depending on what you're intended to use. For my application, I basically use the inputs on this system to control another tank, giving me another temperature and pH input for information to control that tank. This also helps in that you get to fully utilize the breakout box. Without this unit, the breakout box will only give you 2 switch inputs on the aquacontroller 3, whereas by adding the px1000 you can utilize 6 switch inputs. This is a great add-on for when you've got another controller need.

Didn't like The cost of this unit is not negligible. At usually around $175, this is certainly not something you're going to buy on a whim. In any case, however, it works well and there's really no complaint. The interface and programming is the same as the aquacontroller, so that makes getting started easy. I don't have any technical complaints for this piece of hardware, it will make your tank monitoring and controlling even that bit easier. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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By crvz
May 30, 2010
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