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Neptune Systems IO Breakout Box

Easily add float switches, water on the floor sensors, etc. to the Apex, Apex Lite, AquaController 3, or AquaController 3 Pro. Simply plug the Breakout box's minidin 8 cable into the AquaController I/O port, and then attach the float switch, or water on the float switch wires to the quick connector terminals. No soldering or special tools required.

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Great little add on for for a neptune contoller featured

Comments I used this item at first for just one water sensor. I have an aquacontroller 3, and I added this to monitor moisture on the floor. The idea was that when the sensor closed (through water contact), the switch would tell the aquacontroller to turn off the pumps in case there was a leak or the drain was plugged. Once hooked up, it worked perfectly. Since then, I've added the px1000 expansion module to provide 6 different switch inputs, and I've added a few float switches and other items to help in monitoring my system. The unit is very easy to install and doesnt require any tools other than wire strippers to expose the wires, then it simply clips in place.

Liked about it The simplicity of this unit is great. It's labeled well and plugs directly in the aquacontroller. It allows the user to add float switches or water sensors to their controlling system. I use it with both. It's small and doesnt require any special tools for use. I think you'll be very pleased if you decide to add this unit. It provides a function that would otherwise not be capable with the neptune line of controllers.

Didn't like Just one complaint about the unit. The clips on the particular device can fall off if you use thick input wire. I'm not sure what gauge is recommended, but I use pretty standard gauge wire (probably around 18 or so), and when you press the plastic clamp in place it may decide to pop out of the place. It's easy to stick back on, but it's not terribly structurally capable. It is a bit expensive for what it's supposed to do (~$40 for a few switch inputs), but it is a very specific application and it works well for what you pay.

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By crvz
May 30, 2010
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