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MLC Lunar Cycle Simulation Module w/2 Blue Pods by Digital Aquatics

Functions - A true 29.53 day lunar cycle simulation which some experts say encourages spawning cycles for many tank inhabitants. - - Smooth fade-in and fade-out help prevent quick light changes that startle fish. - - Expandability - The MLC comes with 2 blue LED pods and can be expanded to 6 (2-LED) pods if needed. You can also connect more than one MLC if you have a larger tank and if six pods isn't enough. - - Options - The MLC supports both our pure lunar white and nocturnal blue moon light pods - - Upgradeability - The MLC also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set and new lunar features; and firmware updates are always free!

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Total Lunar Simulation. featured

Comments My far one of the best moon simulations. Look out your window and there is a full moon and the LEDs are at 100% half moon they are at 50% ans so on. Programed Lunar Phases into this unit that actually simulates exactly whats happening in the sky. It really is awesome. At about $70 the the Module and 2 LEDs it is very affordable. Additional LEDs are about $8 per POD (2 LEDs per POD and this unit can handle up to six total pods. This unit comes with blue PODS they they are also available in white. I use 4 blues and 2 white. The Pods with with all Reef Keeper Lite head unit and the Reef keeper Elite.

I really love the moon lit effect this bring to the aquarium and Lunar simulation is supposed to be very good for corals and inverts and may also be what causes them to spawn in captivity.

Liked about it I really loved how realistic this unit is. It truly simulates the Moon.
Simple to install. Just plug it in and the reef keeper does the rest automatically adding is as a controlled device.
The MLC is cheap and it does come with 2 PODS.

Didn't like I have had a issue with the wires breaking on the PODS right at the base of the LED. This may have been caused from excessive heat from being too close to the halides...

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By ckusnierek
May 29, 2010
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